Soup Of The Day

Please ask your server for the details


Grilled halloumi cheese

Sigara Boregi

Grilled halloumi cheese

Lamb Liver

Grilled halloumi cheese

Pan Fried Prawns

Peeled tiger prawns, garlic and tomato sauce


Fried fresh squid served with homemade tartar sauce


Grilled spicy Turkish sausage


Chickpeas, broad peas and vegetable fritters served with houmous

Garlic Mushroom

Sliced mushrooms pan fried with butter, double cream and herbs

Balloon Bread

Home-made freshly baked warm ballon bread served with butter and olives

Hellim and Sucuk

Griled halloumi cheese and spicy Turkish sausage

White Bait

Served with homemade tartar sauce

Pan Fried Humus

Served with homemade tartar sauce